Can I Get STDs From Oral Sex?

Here’s an article that caught my eye.

Seldom we think that “It’s Ok” , “It’s Safe” “He/She Looks Clean”

“HPV Through Oral Sex Could Become ‘Leading Cause Of Mouth Cancer’, Experts Predict”

Human papilloma virus (HPV) passed through oral sex could soon overtake smoking to become the leading cause of mouth cancer among men and women, health experts claim.

To coincide with Mouth Cancer Action Month, euroClinix have shared an eye-opening infographic showing the link between oral sex and mouth cancer.

According to the NHS, roughly 6,797 people in the UK were diagnosed with mouth cancer in 2011.

Experts have warned mouth cancer is on the rise and the spread of HPV, as a result of oral sex, could play a huge part in this. Read more Here……….

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