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Sarah’s 2 Cents ( sarahs2cents )

Everything you need to know about this industry….. is at Sarah’s 2 Cents

Advice & Tips, how to, where and why, Support etc etc…..

Amanda Brooks

Excerpt from her site:::

Safe, sane, successful escort work is possible!
Considering Escort Work?

Do you understand the importance of boundaries and how to maintain them?
Do you know how to maximize and brand your particular look?
Are you working for an escort agency and ready to become an independent escort?
Do you want to attract clients and repeat clientele who are natural fits for your personality?
Do you want to become a more web-savvy escort by leveraging more online resources?
Do you want to know more about cheap or free online tools that can help your escort business?
Are you currently advertising on BackPage and want to step up your game?
Ready to create a rate structure that works for the long term?

Amanda Brooks

People often ask me how to become an escort. There is no one simple answer. What I offer in my series are options and a safe, sane approach to escort work. These books aren’t how-to guides. Nor are they “make lots of money as an escort!” schemes. This series is loaded with practical information used by real escorts from around the world so you can approach high-end escort work safely and sanely.

Whether you’re a newbie or a current escort, these books are loaded with information to enable you to make informed, personal choices and sharpen your entrepreneurial skills. If you’re a client or hobbyist, these books provide a deeper understanding of escorts (which they like) and help you find a better match (which you’ll like). Read More Here..


Can I Get STDs From Oral Sex?

Here’s an article that caught my eye.

Seldom we think that “It’s Ok” , “It’s Safe” “He/She Looks Clean”

“HPV Through Oral Sex Could Become ‘Leading Cause Of Mouth Cancer’, Experts Predict”

Human papilloma virus (HPV) passed through oral sex could soon overtake smoking to become the leading cause of mouth cancer among men and women, health experts claim.

To coincide with Mouth Cancer Action Month, euroClinix have shared an eye-opening infographic showing the link between oral sex and mouth cancer.

According to the NHS, roughly 6,797 people in the UK were diagnosed with mouth cancer in 2011.

Experts have warned mouth cancer is on the rise and the spread of HPV, as a result of oral sex, could play a huge part in this. Read more Here……….

“12 secrets to being the escort everyone wants to book”

Once in awhile you come across an article you wish you thought of, or wrote. This is one of them


Excerpt from the site

“When you’re working in the industry, there always seems to be that one escort in your area that, literally, everyone wants to book for an encounter. It doesn’t seem to matter which demographics a client seems to fit into, he wants to see her. If you’re not currently the “it” escort, don’t dismay. It’s possible that you will have your turn soon, if you play your cards correctly.

The difference between you and that escort is how you promote yourself. Of course, looks and personality factor into the entire equation, but you can create an image for yourself that is irresistible to clients, too. Use these tips to become the escort everyone wants to meet:

  1. Post consistently amazing ads. Your profile is the window to your soul when you are marketing yourself online to prospective clients. You want to give away pertinent information that will persuade a client to call you, without rambling extraneously and boring him. The perfect balance is sometimes hard to meet, as it’s always a work in progress. What works this week to attract clients may fizzle out in two weeks. You never know, so you must consistently update your profile, making note of extremely successful ones. A truly effective profile should include intelligent discourse about yourself that provides insight that speaks directly to clients. Share some of your tasteful, appropriate innermost thoughts or feelings, without revealing too much, in addition to providing a physical description. Within the profile, you must also tell your client why he should book you. Whether that’s because you provide individualized attention or special tricks you learned from a courtesan, it really doesn’t matter, as long as it’s something your client will want to experience.
  2. Keep yourself in good physical condition. Make exercise and fitness a…Read More Here

Webmaster News

Adsense and Adword versions for Adult sites:

Two Companies so far. Juicy Ads and Adult Sense and a Back-link Site

A great read by Miss Fleur …..

#chargeisdeclined – Why the Credit Card BackPage Ban Matters

Overnight, major credit card companies initiated what looks to be a global ban on the purchase of advertising in the adult services section of

Visa, MasterCard and American Express all decided that, after an eternity of facilitating increasingly bizarre  online porn purchases, discreet purchase of giant horse cock dildos and my personal favourite“………

Rest of the Story Here

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