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The Art Of Nuru

What is “Nuru“…what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “Nuru“??
An Ancient Japanese Wet Nude Massage?

Well…Anything and Everything you ever wanted to know about “Nuru” you can get at “BG Nuru Training”-

Excerpt from the site:

“BodyGlide is a modern expression of the ancient Japanese wet nude Body to Body massage known as Nuru. BodyGlide with WetDreams Nuru Gel taps into Tantric know how, Taoist techniques, and Sexological practices to offer a holistic educational system that slips you into a world of erotic healing touch therapy.

BodyGlide brings thrill to Touch and dangles Delight on the edge of varying intensities. Body to Body massage offers skin a tactile experience that can turn on receptivity by providing a deep sensory experience. Erotic touch is… Read More Here

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